GROWING CROPS organically.

Began Farming on Maui. Seven years later in 2014, ‘Oko’a Farms was born!
We farm on 46 acres across our three Kula farm properties.
Crops grown annually.
Chickens onsite for egg production.


Our commitment to organic farming means that all of our produce is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. This not only benefits the environment, but also ensures that you are getting the highest quality and most nutritious fruits and vegetables.

At our store, we value transparency and education. We want our customers to feel informed about their food choices and the impact they have on the environment. That’s why we offer resources and information about organic farming and sustainable agriculture practices.


After 11 amazing years of bringing our island-grown goodness to farmers markets all over Maui, we are thrilled to announce that ‘Oko’a Farms has finally found a permanent home in upcountry Maui! We’re excited to offer nearly 100 varieties of delicious, organically grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, and value-added products right at our new storefront.

This transition from four markets a week to one central store has been a long-awaited dream for Ryan Earehart and his partner Salvador Gil Coca. Our new retail store is our way of showing our commitment to the community, and we believe it will greatly enhance the accessibility and quality of food for Maui’s ‘Ohana in the produce-centric market.

Come visit us and experience the taste of ‘Oko’a Farms firsthand!

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